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>> good evening and thank you for joining us. >> it's an active crime scene, a nightmare, but ultimately a shooting that has a cph officer clinging to life. it all started with a traffic stop near the livorna exit. the chp says the driver started shooting, much of the area around the scene was shut down all day. 680 literally coming to a stand still during the morning commute. and it's still a problem right now. we have a series of reports, monty frances is at the medical center in walnut creek where a vigil continues, the officer is fighting for his life, but we begin with sheryl herd.
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>> traffic is slowly getting back to norm after a officer involved shooting -- the suspect is dead and the chp officer in critical condition tonight. it all began at 8:20 this morning. a chp officer pulled over the car you see here. police are not saying why the car was pulled over. contra costa county spoke person jimmy lee. >> one of the officers contacted the driver, the driver then pulled out a gun and shot at that officer, severely injuring him. that officer was taken to the medical center and is now in critical condition. the identity of the officer is not being released at this time. >> as you take a look at the live chopper overhead, it's important to note that a second chp officer arrived on the
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scene, fired at the suspect, as we have been telling you he is now dead. what we are looking at now are live pictures from our chopper, four of the five lanes are now open near the shooting scene. according to caltrans 180 cars a day travel on that stretch of i-68
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i-680. >> dozenings of chp officers are holding vigil here at the hospital and so is the officer's family. >> knowing that every minute counts, paramedics rushed both the chp officer and the suspect to john meira medical center in walnut creek. the spokesman at the chp says she knows the officer personally and described him as a great guy. >> i have known him for a short period of time and definitely his family will be in our prayers and thoughts and we need to stay focused on that and taking care of each other. >> dozens of officers are keeping vigil and offering support to the officer's family. details of the officer's injuries are still unknown. there were reports from police, the officer was shot in the neck, but sheriff's officials
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would not confirm that. >> just everyone reaching together, being strong for each other in times like this is very important to us. >> the officers' name has not been released but officials say he's based out of the contra costa field office in martinez and is a seven-year veteran of the force. she's already been amazed how the general public has been responded to the shooting. >> it doesn't just hit us, it hits the public as well. we're there to provide a support to the public and to you, so it's just not us, it's everybody. >> and we're told the officer has a large extended family and so the chp is in pthe process o notifying the officer's family. the officer is in critical condition, we'll let you know if that changes. >> thank you, monty and we'll continue to follow this developing news all night. we'll have the very latest on nbc bay area news at 11:00 and
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you can follow developments all night online and even sign up for breaking news alerts at nbc bay there were traffic problems all around the area, coming across the bay bridge, traffic ground to a virtual halt about 10:30 as an rv caught on fire. the vehicle burst into flames on -- it took about 45 minutes to extinguish the blaze. in san jose, it is the news that firefighters have been waiting and praying to hear, one of their brothers is awake after days in a medically induced coma. his heart stopped as he was fighting a fire last week. nbc bay area stephanie trong joins us now. what good news for his family and his friends. >> jessica, that's right and
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they have been here every moment, some of them didn't leave until they got this news and some are still here and never left. his best friend and fellow san jose firefighter, at as he -- he said his buddy didn't just answer his questions when he woke up, but he answered in true frank style. >> it was very tough knowing not really. >> after sleeping fight nights in a cot in the icu waiting room, russ davis was suddenly woken up at 8:00 this morning. >> the security officer. he said frank's calling your name. >> he said frank had just come out of a medically induced coma. >> he didn't really know what happened. but he recognized me. >> and then, tears came to my eyes and i started driving.
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>> i said where do we work? >> he said we work at truck one, dude. i said do you remember? and. >> who drives engine 1? and he goes, frickin' day. and that's when i went out and said it is frank. >> it's always tough working on a family member. san jose fire department says mary gutierez -- >> the fact that we have paramedics on every engine and truck in the city, that's what helped that day. >> it was a hard hit on the department's morale, just a couple of weeks after losing a fire captain to cancer. >> you can never truly prepare yourself for somebody who gets injured or killed. >> but a group of frank's firefighters turned family, knew right aways how they would cope. they would stay right by frank's
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side until he woke up. >> reporter: and fire department gutierez says that doctors will re-evaluate frank ryan. >> new details now in a deadly officer involved shooting in vallejo. by showing a picture of the weapon they say he was carrying. this was the pellet gun that the vallejo police department says th mario ramirez pulled in his pocket. police say he was a gang member who was on probation. family members who saw the whole thing dispute the officer's.
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>> nearly three months after san francisco hairdresser was found dead. now within the last three hours, police announce that they had aftered 45-year-old james. after withdrawing money from an atm, the suspect took a cap to the victim's apartment. his body was found the next day. his lap top, flat screen tv and wallet were also missing. >> anybody who's had any contact with the suspect in this homicide, whether they met him in casual conversation, whether you met him at a bar, whether you might have actually been out on a date, any story you might have heard this person tell, we would be interested to hear. >> now police have released a
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suspect's sketch earlier in this investigation. >> a followup now to a story that we first brought you last night. it all happened at the old pro restaurant in daunt palo alto. the ordeal was sparked by the post on an online review site yelp. a man said that the waitress made a racial slur, unhappy with the response he got from management, he went to yelp and posted a scathing review and an account of what he says happen. that post led to dozens of responses. the owner has told us she fired that waitress last night, in addition to the firing, management has also apologized to the customer. the police arrested this 18-year-old a late last month after they said he broke into two homes.
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he's accused of standing over a 17-year-old girl's bed and touching her. police say he broke into another home, but this time she was crouching on the ground in one of the bedrooms. >> still to come here at 6:00, following the signs to gang activity. why some leaders in the south bay are concerned that budget cuts in the city's cleaning department could impact safety. >> a mother's milk bank is working to meet the need for donated breast milk not just in this community but across the nation. >> million of apple ids in the wrong hands. the fbi now weighing in on this investigation. i'm jeff ranieri, that cool foggy breeze is back again tonight, two days that row, this has helped to drop temperatures. 75 in livermore and 74 in san
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after the sentencing of a notorio notorious -- worrieded that the loss of a unit within the san jose police department could lead to more graffiti and even more violence. deputy da ann seary says the men were involved in a notorious graffiti crew. seary credits s.j.p.d.'s -- a group of suspected taggers was charged with a so-called gang enhancement. that group racked up more than $60,000 in property damage alone a bill that will be picked up by taxpayers.
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>> the big deal is look around, the graffiti everywhere makes the city look ugly and it doesn't make it seem safe. this tagging is gang tagging and if it gets crossed out, that's a sign of disrespect and that leads to violence. >> eight homicide in 11 days, four of them gang related. the last member set for sentencing september 25. the stalemate is over tonight for cal state and it's faculty members who have been working without a contract for two years. the faculty has now voteded in favor of a new four-year deal. this has ended months of sometimes angry bargaining. it preserves current working conditions. red light cameras would get new scrutiny awaiting the
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governor's signature which may come tonight. too often the cameras aren't installed as a safety feature, but really is a way to make cities to help them make money. the proposal would establish consistent standards for installing cameras across the state. he also said his law would make it more challenging to fight unjust tickets. tonight we are just one big step closer to officially getting a new iphone from apple. the invitations went out this morning, and our business and tech reporter is one of a few we have gotten this year. >> there are clues to what's coming up, apple always seems to have a little fun with this. let's take a look at the invitation out this morning, it happens on december 12, you see the shadow, it's a five which
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you think is suggesting that apple will unveil the iphone 5, the company is not talking, we'll let you know whatever it is eight days from tonight. and the hacker group who claims to be anonymous -- apple is not commenting on the claim, but the fbi s the bureau saying it has, quote, no evidence that an fbi lap top was compromised whether the fbi even had the information. facebook found a way to boost it's stock price this evening. announcing that it will discontinue plans to issue more stock through a second private offering. and zuckerberg plans to sell none of his facebook shares over the next 12 months. that means far fewer shares of
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facebook stock will be on the market. in southern california now, five firefighters are recovering from injuries they received while battling a wildfire. so far it's burned about 5.5 square miles. right now it's about 15% contained and crews say it could be a week before the fire is completely surrounded. more positive cases of the west nile virus is fogging parts of the east bay. a circular area on the border of los altos and mountain view will be strayed after 11:00 p.m. the substance being sprayed is toxic only to mosquitoes and shouldn't be harmful to people or pets. the same area was fogged last
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month. and in contra costa county will be sprayed by a slow moving truck from 7:30 until about 11:00 tonight. a high number of mosquitoes were found in that area with several of them testing positive for west nile. it's our shorts workweek forecast for some of us. that's right, al of people back to work, also getting the kids back to school and not too uncomfortable out here today, we have just about everything on the weather boards. 79 in napa, then you head back over to the east bay and plenty of upper 80s and low 90s. then you go a little bit here to the south, willamette valley at 86. winds right now mainly onshore at 20, also a westerly wind back into livermore at 9:00, that's cool enough to continue the cooling at this hour. right now plenty of 50s and 60s off of the coastline, with plenty of 70s out here.
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fogged in pretty much in san francisco, it's not producing a lot of drizzle. but we can expect that to just increase for tonight. down in the south bay, a lot of sunshine, a lot of blue sky, but that's also going to be changing as we head through wednesday and thursday. that's right, some cloud cover will be moving into the south bay and the east bay. not too potent, not a lot of moisture, but we think it will get a little bit of an uplift as it moves through california in the next two dice. we'll les be dealing with the fog up against the coastline. somewhat of a complicated forecast, but our future cast does a good job of showing us what it's going to happen tomorrow. high level cloud cover moves in across the bay, then as we advance this into thursday morning, a slight chance of a shower down in the south bay, which may even produce a stray lightning strike. we're going to have more in this forecast coming up with cooler numbers and that possibility of showers and maybe even some lightning in just a few minutes.
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the second anniversary of the san bruno explosion is just days away and today neighbors in the area were told that the government would never forget what happened. construction to rebuilt that neighborhood is far from finished. you see some of the pictures here, amidst the rebuilding, state assembly man jerry hill said that there are three bills on governor brown's desk that would make preventing another refinery explosion a priority. >> i realize businesses tend to do sort of the minimum that they're made to do, so if you don't have legislation in place,
6:24 pm
i think that they're only going to do the minimum. >> eight people died in that explosion and 38 homes were destroyed. so far eight homes have been rebuilt. >> tearing down an old dining room to make room for a brand-new one. demolition began today at the original new dining room. st. anthony's to serve some 38 million meals since opening in 1950. you may remember it closed in february to make way for new construction on the new dining room set to open the summer of 2014. the new dining room would provide 30% more storage and seating space than the old dining room. three laboratory retrievers arrived in oakland today, flown here from wyoming and idaho. they were traded for eight central valley chihuahuas. a group called dog is my
6:25 pm
co-pilot handled the transportation. this gives adopting families more choice and safes the lives of animals at high kill shelters. san francisco's spca was especially delighted with today's deliveries. >> they were so cute, i just knew that we could find them good homes, they're such nice dogs and i'm so happy to be partnering with this organization to get some of the small dogs in our area into homes as well. >> these three labs aren't related by their color is no coincidence, sometimes a shelter will have too many dogs of the same color and that slows down their adoption. >> that is so cute, one of those dogs weighed what the eight chihuahuas weighed. the bay area city where police will be cracking down on people using those handicapped
6:26 pm
placards illegally. and i'm janell wang, sop u.s. secrets revealed. the pentagon reacts to a controversial book by a former u.s. marine is released today. and and a notorious drug lord in mexico is assassinated today. known as the cocaine god mother in your international headlines next. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good!
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decision 12012 with the spot light shifting to the democrats tonight. in about 30 minutes we'll hear two highly anticipated speeches, one from a rising latino star. do you recall eight years ago, this is the platform which helped launch a relatively unknown barack obama into the spotted light. could we see the same tonight. . >> this guy did train there in the bay area as an undergraduate. he only got there because of
6:29 pm
affirmative action, he said his s.a.t.s weren't really good enough to go to stanford. but joaquin castro and julio castro the twins went on to go to law school, one's running for congress and the brother who gives the keynote address tonight is the mayor of san antonio, texas and they say their story the like barack obama, he went to harvard law and he gave the keynote address, and they're julio is going say with a strong endorsement tonight that america should re-elect barack obama. but all that said, despite the bay area connection, it's got to be michelle obama who's going to really fire up these democrats tonight, and they hope, outside of this hall, despite of the fact that the economy did not fire up today and that plagued barack obama. >> well now come to order.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the democratic convention began in charlotte without president obama. he went to norfolk and did not mention the economic news. factory activity down for a third straight month, construction spending for the third month in a row. >> what i'm going to offer is a better path forward, a path that will create good jobs. >> a goal in charlotte is to get key voters he needs refired up and ready to go. in the last nbc news poll, 59% of young voters, only 49% of latinos said they were enthusiastic about the elections, democrats hope michelle obama can help tonight in her prime time speech. >> at whatever age to exercise the rights that people before us fought so hard for us to have.
6:31 pm
>> i'm going to not to -- because when michelle starts talking, i start getting all misty. >> back in charlotte, vice president biden arrived for the convention. there's heavy security. and some demonstrations. >> was it just the economic numbers that gave president obama heartburn today, a new abc/"washington post" poll finds for the first time recently, he's upside down in approval, slightly more americans disapproving of the work of president obama than approving, same ratio roughly that's plaguing mitt romney and so they hope, desperately that michelle obama and julian castro will change that tonight.
6:32 pm
>> the castro twins, part of stanford university not that long ago. the democrats making their case why president obama should be re-elected. for some insight as to what to expect, let's bring in our -- michelle obama will be speaking. what is her message going to be? >> ann rom any had to introduce mitt romney to perhaps 20 million, 30 million people. mrs. obama is in a different camp, she's going to tell how hard her husband worked to get the country back on track. she'll talk about the fragile condition of a recovering economy and the need, really the imperative to stay the course at this very delicate moment. but she's also a very popular female, by the way, that's going to help with women who gravitate
6:33 pm
to the democrats in larger numbers than the republicans. >> just like we saw at the rnc convention last week, a lot of african-americans and latinos. this is by design of course. >> it is by design, but the question is, what does it all mean? the conventions are full of symbolism to be sure, but it's no secret that most minorities align themselves with democrats than republicans. 87% of the republican party is why. just over 60% of the democratic party is white. look at the larger numbers of minoritieies that are in the republican party. and the bottom line really is that all those speakers at the democratic convention, they'll be more reflective of its members than they were at the republican party. >> let's look forward to thursday, obama's speech considered to be inspiring and really critical to his win, what does the president have to do to
6:34 pm
create that now. first he has to deal with the republican question, they're going to hit him hard on this, are you better off today than four years ak. that was the question that launched ronald reagan. but clearly we're not. the economy tanked badly during the first six months to obama's presidency and he has to link that with the fate given to him by his predecessor george bush. one obama is looking forward, the other obama would say is looking backward. third he has to say, the president does, where he will take us over the next four years. how are we going to get there? in other words, he has to ratchet up the enthusiasm to make up for the kind of stuff we just heard two seconds ago. the american people are rattled, there's no question about it, they need reassurance, there's no question about that.
6:35 pm
the question is which can date will get through all the clutter. >> thanks, we'll be back with you in the next couple of days to talk about it some more. the pentagon says the newly released book on the osama bin laden raid does contain sensitive and classified information. >> no easy day hit bookstores today, it's a play by play account of the raid that killed osama bin laden written by a navy s.e.a.l who was there, the -- the author wrote the book under the pseudonym mark owen. the ex-marine says he was one of the first people that approached the al qaeda leader's bedroom when he was shot and killed in may of last year at his pakistani compound. >> it is the height offer responsibility, not to have this
6:36 pm
kind of material checked for the possible disclosure of classified information. >> military experts fear the memoir could put other servicemen in danger, the pentagon is now considering legal action. secretary of state hillary clinton did not address the book but is addressing other diplomatic concerns in asia. she will meet with china's president tomorrow to discuss how the u.s. can strengthen partnerships with other asian nations without angering the chinese. and other issues on the table, ter torritorial disputes over t south china sea. more than two dozen people are dead and 30 wounded after a suicide bomber blue himself up at a funeral in eastern afghanistan today. the bomb was targeting a local
6:37 pm
government official. she was known as columbia's cocaine god mother and today she was gun downed. officials say 69-year-old griz sell da blanco was a pioneer in exporting cocaine from columbia to the u.s. in the '70s and '80s. she served 20 years in prison in the u.s. before being deported back to columbia in 2004. some positive news regarding some serious crime. hate crimes are down across the state of california by 4% last year. what hasn't change is that hate crimes involving race or nationality are still the most common. nearly 17% were based on religion with most targeting the jewish faith. cracking down on those handicapped placards, that's
6:38 pm
what berkeley police are doing to those caught abusing parking for to the disabled. starting today the department's parking enforcement division will be able to issue citations for abusing handicapped parking and placards. city leaders say illegal use of the placards is common in that city. still ahead, nonstick pans loded with potential risk. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, we're tracking some tropical moisture off to to the south and some humidity that will approach us from the south. plus if you're heading out to the giants game tonight, it will also be on comcast sports net, expect fog and 50s. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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in health matters, a staggering statement, it's a new statistic from the centers for disease control that has cardiologists offering new words of warning. they say uncontrolled blood pressure levels have been going through the roof for years. high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke. the -- the findings of a new
6:42 pm
study that found pregnant women who were exposeded to high levels of so called pfcs had babies that were initially smaller at birth but larger at age 20 months when compared to babies that were not exposed to that chemical. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here and am i correct that in might be a thunderstorm in our future? >> it's only a 20% to 30% chance, but that's enough for us to mention it here in the bay area. no clouds, but that's going to change tomorrow with increased humidity, we'll let you know what -- >> dave feldman here in our comcast sports studios september sports is heating up for the playoff just around the corner. we're going to be completing the nl west leading giants as they
6:43 pm
look to continue their winning ways.
6:44 pm
san jose's mother milk supply donated thousands of ounces of breast milk. it's a struggle to meet demand. nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us how the milk bank is
6:45 pm
working to meet the need. >> we really need the donors, we need to increase our donor population, the demand is skyrocketing. >> for four years, the san jose's mother's milk program has been the little engine that could. for some of the youngest ones it's the only thing they can digest. >> these are kids that actually have a physician's prescription that need the milk more nutrition and growth. >> they are prescribing donated milk for babies who's mothers can't do it on their own. there is not enough milk to go around. so now the san jose mothers milk bank is trail blazing again. they're helping to open a milk bank in portland and are mentoring breast feeding advocates in montana who are looking to open their own bank.
6:46 pm
>> we think that every state should have a milk bank, the demand obviously is there. so we want to make sure that the moms and their local area understand the demand and be able to support their own communities. >> at good samaritan hospital, the nursing manager at the neo natal intensive care unit -- >> a u.s. surgeon general is urging hospitals and -- the milk bank is also working to review its policies to make sure as many healthy women are eligible to donate as possible. in san jose, chris can these, nbc bay area news. we turn our attention to nbc's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we have the fog, we have the cooler temperatures and even challenge tracking some rare
6:47 pm
tropical moisture up here. we'll tell you when our best chance to get a lightning strike. all the way down in the south bay, 71 right now in san jose, 75 in gilroy and even starting to drop often back in the troy valley with 85 in livermore. and we are fogged in right now in downtown san francisco, may have a bit of drizzle at the coastline even in downtown for tonight and that will of course mean fog for tomorrow. up in the north bay, san rafael looking spectacular, i give this view at 10:00 this morning. so let's get you into this somewhat interesting weather pattern here for september. a little bit rare for what we're seeing happening, we're having high pressure set up in just the right spot, that was remnants of what was tropical system john that got caught up in the clockwise flow of that high pressure and stream into central california. we have that low pressure offshore and that's going to
6:48 pm
help this become more or a conveyor belt. it could get enough uplift that we can't rule out a little bit of lightning here. as we head throughout wednesday, what we're going to find is 50s and 60s around the coastline. most of you noticed the heat is starting to increase. but as we head through thursday, that's when we have the best chance for maybe a stray isolated shower. the entire coastline, also back here across the peninsula, even for the santa cruz mountains, not too much expected back to the east bay. back to the afternoon hours, the mid and high level cloud cover will come back here after 8:00. then as we head throughout thursday, a lot of times we are tracking moisture, also the chance of some lightning, it typically happens in the afternoon, but with some of the uplift, this may actually happen at 6:00 a.m. on thursday, not only the chance in the south
6:49 pm
bay, but possibly in the north bay for about three hours. if we get any kind of rainfall this time of year, many of you know it makes headlines. 84 in san jose for wednesday, upper 70s in palo alto. back to the tri-valley, it will be close to 90. pleasant on the also 88. 70s back into haywood, fremont. we'll also be close to 70, but not quite there, 67 in san francisco, 69 in richmond, 71 in berkeley and 894 in napa. cloud cover on the increase as we head through the afternoon on wednesday. by thursday a third stray lightning strike that will also increase our fire danger. then as we head throughout friday, all of that tropical air will start to move on out, temperatures in the mid 80s. by this weekend, it was a nice
6:50 pm
forecast, mid 80s, hey, you guys got a lot of plans on the weekend, so we try and clear is slait slate for you, 70s by the way and by next tuesday, i know it's kind of small typing -- >> fall begins. >> in how many days? >> 11 days. >> i was wondering when i put it on there, is it too small? >> she's got great eyesight. okay, it says sports is next. the giants kicked off their big -- 10th inning against the diamondbacks, bruce bochi's -- the team confidence is only growing as we enter the final leg of the season.
6:51 pm
>> the giants have definitely been the come back kids as of late, four of their last six victories have been come from behind variety, it gives them confidence that they can overcome any -- head into this very important stretch of the season. >> yeah, i think it gives us momentum, it says a lot about our team, how we can come out here, kind of when the season is on the line at times and play well and have different people step up at different times. it says something special about our team. >> i think any time you come from behind, a couple of things, it shows that you can do it, it shows you how important it is to keep pushing and to play the whole nine innings, 27 outs, it gives the team a lot of the confidence. >> we're getting the timely hits and moving the guys over and playing some great defense and mixing in some offense.
6:52 pm
hopefully we can keep the momentum going into the weekend. >> the giants also with a few more roster moves today, they did bolster their bullpen by recalling two players from aaa, they designated eric hacker for assignment to make room for manny on the roster which gives them some speed and depth on the bench. okay, jamey, thanks. on the other side of the bay bridge, the oakland as know a few things about dramatic victories, bob melvin and company lead the majors with 13 walk-off wins. >> although the as snapped their season high winning streak yesterday, the -- in fact oakland has the best record in the majors dating back to june 2, so in talking with the players, they're confidence they had the offense and the pitching to back it up to get this
6:53 pm
started for tonight. >> sometimes if we're down early, we never really give up because we seem to put something together. even if we're down early, we start pushing and look forward to the latter innings to score some runs. >> it's big for us, especially for our pitchers more than anything,. >> from june on we have won quite a few games late, so i think that gives you the mindset and the attitude that, you know, if you're down a little bit, you aren't out of games and i that's a great attribute to have. >> scott sizemore is back, he took bp with the team for the first time since injuring his knee back at spring training. i'm kate long worth, nbc bay area news. >> one final note coming out of santa clara, veteran wide receiver randy moss has been named a starter for the 59ers in
6:54 pm
their opener against the packers this sunday in green bay. the 35-year-old joins michael crabtree on the planks. that will do it for sports, we'll check back in at 11:00 with complete -- as they push for the playoff and the push for the playoff baseball heats up. >> i'm trying to convince jessica, this is a good time in the sports calendar, baseball's winding up, the 49ers starting up. >> it is the best time by far because you have baseball playoff push and the start of the 49ers season and the raiders, so all the sports are converging at once. it's a good time. >> high are you throwing me under the sports bus. >> dave is clearly on your side. >> thanks, dave. >> you can watch dave on sports net central and comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30.
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>> we're back in a little bit. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. brent cannon joins us with what's coming up at 7:00. >> the book -- we're going to talk to a national defense expert to find out what the former navy s.e.a.l. who authored that. we'll discuss the difference between classified information and sensitive information, it's key to this case. plus the democratic national convention kicks off tonight, we take a preview of some big events coming up in the next three days. >> we hope to see you at 6:00 and then at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye.
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